Our team at JVKM comprises resourceful individuals who help in building business entities from the word go. They make big differences in the lives of small business owners. They have rich experience and professional competency in addressing every business need of our clients. Simply put, our team members are highly skilled, smart, quick, well-trained and experienced professionals.They ensure that our clients business thrives. In addition, the team is dynamic and filled with enthusiasm to build a solid foundation for small business owners.

Want to launch a business? Get Started

JVKM makes starting a business simple and easier. The team works closely and passionately with clients by helping them through every stage of business launch and the company’s life cycle. We help them in complying with the law under the purview of Singapore Companies Act, ACRA, ICA, MOM, IRAS, BCA, NEA, and other statutory departments. The team also provides appropriate direction and kind guidance on forms, documents and legal procedures to be adhered to. We provide up-to-date information to our clients on necessary requirements and regulations and ensure a zero-error compliance with the government.

Our services are filled with a sense of goodwill too. In fact, our team is friendly, responsible, and deadline driven. Our attentive customer care officers are courteous and handle your requests with utmost importance. The professional services that we render can be witnessed in the process-driven approach we follow.

So, if jumping right into the business is on the top of your agenda, you have JVKM to depend on. We will help you navigate through business challenges with ease. Not to mention, we will put in our profound experience behind every business. And give you the much needed zing for your business to take off in a big way.  get in touch with us today.