Top Quality Singapore Auditing Services by Audit Firms

JVKM Consulting is associated with top notch audit companies in Singapore that offers professional and trustworthy auditing services conforming to Singapore auditing standards. Our certified and expert team of auditors also extends its services in carrying out forensic auditing.

Hire Reliable and Elite Audit Services Singapore

Singapore Companies Act makes it compulsory for all the companies with income above S$5 million to undergo an audit as such firms do not fall in the ‘exempted from audit’ category. Thus, they need to submit their audited financial statements to the registry. Any form of subject matter may be audited. Audits are a means of providing assurance to different stakeholders stating that the subject matter is devoid of any material statement error. Audits can be done both on the internal and external front. Internal audits are self-audits conducted by the management of a company to keep check on its financial transactions for its own benefits. The management may even seek the help of a trustworthy Singapore audit service and hire an auditor for this purpose. On the other hand, external audit of a company is done to appease its shareholders.

JVKM Consulting is a name to trust when it comes to auditing firms in Singapore. We have on offering comprehensive audit and assurance services meant for all types of industries. We not only assist clients in auditing financial statements of their companies or business entities, but also carry out various other audit services ranging from operational, information technology to rental and investigative audits.

Clients Subscribing to Our Auditing Services

All kinds of business entities- small, medium or multinational companies choose services provided by the Singapore audit firms, like JVKM Consulting. We also assist in conducting audit for subsidiaries of local as well as overseas listed companies and their affiliates. Our audit services comply with the requirements of specific statutory reporting of a Singapore auditing firm.

Why Choose Us?

Auditing service provided by JVKM Consulting is unparalleled when compared with other similar firms in Singapore.

  1. We have been distinguished as one of the best audit firms in Singapore as we serve our clients on the basis of effective methodologies.
  2. The blend of the latest technologies and innovative ideas of our auditors helps us in providing customized auditing services to our clients ensuring authentic assessments of cases and fairness in reports.
  3. We do not restrict our services in just providing reviews, but also extend our help in giving suggestions and chalk out ways to improve the weaker areas of our client’s business.
  4. We believe in impartiality and fairness. Our auditors embark upon loyalty in revealing any sort of laxness, frauds, scams and financial irregularities of the client’s company in true terms.
  5. Our strength lies in providing reliable auditing services with the help of skills, expertise and knowledge our audit professionals possess

Our Audit Services include

  • Our Audit Services include
  • Statutory Audits
  • Non Statutory Audits
  • Financial Audits
  • Operational Audits
  • Rental Audits
  • Investigative Audits
  • Integrated Audits
  • Follow-up Audits
  • Information Systems Audits
  • Department & Business Reviews

We have a proactive approach towards auditing and dealing with problems while not failing to comply with the relevant international and Singapore auditing standards and statutory requirements.

We believe in precision and efficiency by figuring out factors that can substantiate the final report about our client’s audit.

Being one of the best in the field, we comprise a team of talented and experienced audit professionals who help clients to maintain business standards, comply with laws and aim for an efficient and smooth management by identifying weak areas.

Our audit services also extend to forensic auditing where our expert investigates any suspicious activities relating to swindling of money, theft of data or defiance of compliance reported by the concerned organisation. The forensic auditor then prepares a case study before submitting it to the court of law.

JVKM Consulting is a popular audit firm in Singapore. Our in-house team of expert and veteran auditors is well versed with the auditing scenario in Singapore. They are masters in their individual domains as most of them are successful professionals having years of experience in auditing for different national and international companies.