Corporate Secretarial Services in Singapore

It is pretty easy to start a business in Singapore as the country lays no restrictions on repatriation of money earned. Nor does Singapore impose hurdles on enterprises of foreign ownership. However, companies need to be familiar with and adhere to regulations of the Singapore government. To ensure full compliance with the rules of ACRA, Section 171 of the Singapore Companies Act, Chapter 50, requires all companies to hire a Singapore Company Secretary within 6 months of their incorporation.

JVKM’s professional Corporate Secretarial services

JVKM provides professional corporate secretarial services in Singapore. JVKM will appoint one of its professionals with extensive knowledge on regulations of ACRA to serve as Company Secretary for your corporation. ACRA contacts the company secretary or the nominated corporate secretarial service if it does not receive the annual reports on time.

The Corporate Secretarial Service offered by JVKM includes:
  1. Preparing details of the meeting of 1st Board of Directors
  2. Preparing Minutes of the meeting and documenting resolutions if any changes in Directorship, address, bank signatories, shareholders etc. are made.
  3. Helping in opening Bank Account
  4. Preparing agenda for and arranging Annual General Meeting
  5. Monitoring whether deadlines of Annual Return for ACRA and Corporate Tax filing for IRAS are met in compliance with the rules and regulations
  6. Issuing Share Certificates, which need to be signed and sealed by Directors
  7. Managing Share Transfers
  8. Maintaining and updating Company Registers
  9. Filing all necessary documents as required by law
  10. Communicate with directors and shareholders
  11. Communicate the decisions of the AGM to shareholders and to other members
  12. Procurement and Safe-Keeping of one (1) Company Seal
  13. Procurement of one (1) Company Rubber Stamp

The Company Secretary JVKM appoints is responsible for ensuring the corporation’s compliance with statutory regulations. The person needs to alert directors for corrective action in case if there is an instance of non-compliance. Some of the core responsibilities are:

The company secretary should maintain the following statutory registers and update them periodically.
  • Members
  • Company charges
  • Directors, managers, secretaries and auditors
  • Directors’ interests in shares and debentures
  • Minutes Book

Apart from hiring a company secretary for your corporation, the primary goal of JVKM is to help you with reviewing the developments in corporate governance. Further, we assist in formulating and implementing good corporate governance practices in your premises. As a result, you can focus on business related aspects of your company while we guarantee corporate governance that is above par.