HR Management (HR Services)

JVKM offers cost-effective HR Consultancy to companies of all sizes and industries with different verticals. We help you in managing your business efficiently by putting in place the best practices of Human Resource Management in your organisation.

Further, JVKM helps you in becoming well-versed in the Singapore Employment Act to ensure that employment regulations followed by your company fall in line with the Employment Act. Ultimately, employees are the backbone of a company, its profits and its success. Their remuneration, benefits and rewards impact their morale and performance as well as the bottom line of the company.

As part of HR Consultancy, JVKM offers attendant services such as Payroll, Bookkeeping and hiring of employees for your company.

Our team at JVKM

  • Helps you to become familiar with the components of the Singapore Employment Act that includes salary, benefits, health insurance, probation, leave, Central Provident Fund contributions, hiring interns and students, age restrictions, hiring foreign employees, Termination and downsizing etc.
  • Assists you in identifying skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled professionals for employment in organizations
  • Helps you in starting your company operations with the required number of employees
  • Ensures that the terms drawn out in the Employment Contract are as per the statutory requirements of the Singapore Employment Act
  • Updates you about amendments made to the legislation and employment regulations from time to time
  • Provides assistance for HR and Payroll requirements on daily ongoing basis
  • Provides additional services like HR transformation and HR crisis management
  • Helps in creating a win-win environment for both companies and employees
  • Provides guidance to companies on striking a perfect work-life balance for employees
  • Helps in availing all possible grants from the Singapore government (e.g. Work-Life Works Funds) wherever applicable for companies

Singapore Payroll Services
(Exceptional and Total payroll solutions)

Do you know that in-house payroll work consumes lot of time and money, let alone errors? Further, there is every chance that in-house payroll services can also result in errors if there are no dedicated employees processing the payroll. Companies need crucial work time and properly trained staff devoted to manage only the payroll. This could mean additional employees and hence more money incurred on them or it could mean hiving off employees from their core tasks to work on the payroll adversely impacting the productivity of the company.

JVKM offers professional payroll services and ensures that you save time as well as money spent on in-house payroll services. JVKM comprises a team that is professionally and exclusively experienced in preparing payroll services for companies in Singapore. We process your payroll services with ease as our team is familiar with the statutory legal requirements besides having the experience of offering payroll services to many clients. By outsourcing payroll services to JVKM, you can concentrate more on your core tasks and competencies to improve your business profitably. In addition, we use the latest online software to process your payroll requirements.

JVKM Consulting offers the following Services of Payroll in Singapore



Reputed Singapore Payroll Services = Timely Payment of Salary

According to the Singapore Employment Act, companies must disburse wages to their employees not later than 7 days after the end of salary period. Legal actions, as per the Act, may be initiated against erring companies.Payroll process and accounting involves complex procedures that need to be carried out systematically. Running an in-house payroll service costs a company a lot in terms of human resources and infrastructure.

JVKM has the expertise and resources to prepare and calculate salary on time every month besides preparing all reports and tax documents.

JVKM Payroll Services

  • End-to-end payroll services including adjustments, overtime, and other variables
  • Monthly payroll administration and management reports
  • Distribution of electronic as well as carbon-based pay slips
  • Hassle-free and all-inclusive payroll service in compliance with statutory requirements of Singapore
  • Filing of year-end income & preparation of tax reports
  • Crediting salary into employee’s bank account and statutory payments
  • Leave and expense claims administration
  • Access to real time payroll management and real time report generation
  • Keeping you abreast of updated legislative changes and statutory requirements
  • Assurance of confidentiality
  • Elimination of the need for investing in costly software and training employees on how to use it in-house

How JVKM consulting Will Help You Process your Singapore Payroll?

After your decision to outsource payroll services to JVKM Consulting, an account manager will be assigned to liaise with your company. The account manager will work in close unison with you and your administrative staff to address your needs and help you understand the best practices and statutory regulations of payroll in Singapore.

Features of our Top Notch Singapore Payroll Services

Payroll Processing

One of the key advantages of JVKM lies in its use of software to run the payroll process. We process salary credits of the employees, production of pay-slips and credits into CPF / MPF accounts every month on time as well as weekly, if so desired by an organization, and in compliance with the legal provisions. The entire process also includes:

  • Disbursement of salary to the employee on scheduled time
  • Online transfer of salary to employee accounts
  • Disbursal of salary in cash or by cheque
  • Complying with the laws governing CPF, SDL and other statutory donations
  • Ensuring electronic submission of CPF, SDL and other legal payroll related documents to respective authorities

Tracking Salary Increments

  • We help in tracking increments and updating the payroll of employees adjusting the differences in the payment from the date of increment.
  • Our SAP based software allows editing of the payroll data quickly whenever changes occur in the salary of the staff without reworking on the data afresh
  • We provide complete back-up of the entire payroll data for reference

Allowances and Deductions Management

Our payroll services prioritize maintenance and management of allowances, deductions, arrears, savings, and loans for the employees, out of all the functions we carry out for you.

  • We calculate accurate remuneration after including all the allowances and deductions
  • We compute salary for newly hired employees and employees who quit the job based on the number of working days logged in by them

Employee Information Tracking and Maintenance

  • Provide support to track movements and data of your employees and maintain the database.
  • Cipher the salary to be disbursed, when an employee moves to another location within or outside Singapore.

Calculating Variables

Our payroll support includes gathering all variables to calculate accurate salary which includes fixed monthly pay and special payments to be effected for the period of calculation. Our payroll service uses online software to

  • Calculate monthly overtime, shift hours and commissions billed to employees for overtime claims and bonus
  • Calculate adjustments made to the tax deductions based on the investments done by the employee
  • Calculate maternity, sabbatical, annual and balance leave

Reports Preparation

We run payroll process on software that creates detailed and comprehensive reports about payments made, deductions, and other details. As part of that, JVKM payroll consultancy team

  • Prepares customized reports for ledger maintenance in Form IR8A, Form IR8S, Appendix 8A, Appendix 8B, and Form IR21 in which bonus and tax deductions are accounted for.
  • Prepares documents to be submitted to IRAS
  • Generates Central Provident Fund (CPF) reports