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JVKM Maids was established by JVKM Consultants Pte Ltd to cater to the growing demand of Singapore employers for quality and efficient helpers.

JVKM Maids specializes in Foreign Domestic Worker placements from countries such as India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Philippines and Myanmar. The work force from these countries are driven by higher ideals.

We are accredited by Sri Lanka and Philippines in recognition of our services in providing our clients well-trained, quality and motivated work force to work for their households.

We provide the following services:

  • Job placement services for foreign maids
  • Direct hiring of your own foreign maids
  • Placement of transfer maids
  • Training courses & Workshops
    • Training in Care of Babies
    • Training in Care of Elderly or Disabled
    • Training in Cooking
    • Training Lesson in Spoken English
    • General Orientation for Employment as a Maid in Singapore
  • Home Leave Processing
  • Application of work permits
  • Renewal of passports and work permits
  • Embassy endorsement
  • Cancellation of work permits
  • Booking and Purchasing of air tickets
  • Purchasing of banker guarantee and insurance for maids
  • Repatriation of maids
  • Arrangement of medical check up for maids
  • Other foreign worker related services

JVKM MAIDS- Service with a Smile – Working with a Heart

JVKM Maids’ department will definitely match your preference because we listen to your needs and value your family’s welfare. We match the Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW’s) motivation and commitment to cater to your needs.

JVKM Maids Service aims to reach out to the underprivileged girls in India and Philippines and be able to give them a livelihood here in Singapore. Find better family for them which in return they can be of service with.

"We value the maid's attitude and character more than the maid's experience."

Our Filipino Domestic Workers are housed in our Philippine Training center and are monitored while we look for suitable employers. You can interview via Video conference or telephone. We have Singapore line assigned in the Philippines for our clients convenience.

Our Indian Domestic Workers are housed in our counterpart’s Training center and are monitored while we look for suitable employers. They are evaluated based on: Appearance; Neatness; Commitment; Willingness; Experience; Dedication; Punctuality; Knowledge; Level of Understanding Patience and Health.

You can interview via Video conference or telephone. We are assisted by our India Agency in conducting the interview.